Maddalena Carrai from LABA to Lady Gaga Tour

When a student at LABA manages to succeed in the business world is always a source of pride for our institute, when it is internationally even more so. The passion of Maddalena Carrai, a student of Graphic Design, led her to publish her works on the main Art Magazines and Web sites.

Social media and the internet have zeroed the distance between professionals that make communication a staple of their work. Knowing how to use these channels can bring fresh opportunities.
Lady Gaga is more than an artist, she is a model spreading inspiration to people. It also means choosing capable people on the team who is in charge of telling the stylistic evolution of the albums.

Lady Gaga has a social network, where all its done on purpose for his fans. On this Social Network mostly are published pictures about Gaga, daily life and even fan art. In 2012 our Maddalena has started putting on this social some design inherent to the singer. People liked them, but nothing more.

One day the turning point, the winning idea to design and publish the individual pages of a comic narrating in an ironic way and very comical challenges of Lady Gaga. The illustrations had so much success that the Tag “haus comix” continues to be one of the most popular social networks. Along with comics Maddalena Carrai has published many more professional illustrations and these were seen by art director of Lady Gaga.

The star loved Maddalena’s style. The demand for collaboration began with the first illustrations commissioned for Born This Way Ball Tour. The concept and style of 6 illustrations that Magdalene has produced for the occasion, led to the development of a good working relationship with the art director.

Maddalena didn’t stop there. She then worked for an illustration with radio M2O for the “Salone del Mobile” Fair in 2013. For the Foundation she painted a Vespa Primavera in 2014 which is exhibited permanently in their Piaggio Museum.

Then she began an internship in the company of handbags Braccialini, where later she was hired as an employee working in marketing and communications as a Graphic Designer and Illustrator. As freelance she works at a children’s book illustrated for Piaggio Vespa.

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