Lucca Photolux 2015: sacred and profane


From 21 November to December 13, 2015, the beautiful city of Lucca will host exhibitions and events related to the biennial event International Festival of photography Photolux.

Under the supervision and care of Enrico Stefanelli, for about 3 weeks, the Tuscan capital will star the medium of photography, with a succession of events and demonstrations, starting from the numerous exhibitions (28) in various buildings and locations in the town (Villa Bottini, Palazzo Ducale, Palazzo Guinigi Villa Verdi) the theme of Photolux 2015 is “sacred and profane“: a tribute to the eternal duality which disrupts the life of the human being.

Good and bad, spirituality and earthly divine and profane impulses: a clash full of food for thought that the photographic exhibition offers us without suggesting a winner’s name; simply, “sacred and profane” provides insights on the different interpretations of the theme, privileged beyond any possible moral judgment.

There are many authors protagonists of the biennale: over all, we report on the “profane”, the guest of honor at Joel-Peter Witkin and his irreverent, macabre images (the author will be for more present at Night on November 28 Photolux at the Auditorium of San Romano, from 21 onwards), Andres Serrano with its blasphemous and iconoclast photographs, while, as far as most relevant visions sacredness (but no less disturbing) include Bettina Rheims with “I.N.R.I.”, devoted to contemporary representation of a Christ of our days, in a sort of fresco narrative episodes from the Gospel, and finally 2.0 Kenro Izu with “Sacredness” transcendent, Ethereal images of sacred places.

Special mention to “St. Peter” by Aurelio Amendola, great photographer from Tuscany has always dedicated to representing the work of Michelangelo and here with a black and white photo series dedicated to Saint Peter’s Basilica, quintessence of sacredness.

And also, Ernst Haas with “creation“, “under the tent of Abraham“.

Completing the offer, the exhibition dedicated to the World Press Photo 2015, on display at the Chiesa dei Servi and obviously dedicated to the excellence of the international photojournalism.

As if that weren’t enough, the direction of Photolux then organised several workshops, including the already sold-out “Editing and Narrative Impact“, edited by m. Herrera and r. Simons, on visual story-telling.

In short, an opportunity not to be missed because the harbinger of deep insights and intriguing, always ready to tickle our curiosity of human beings, perennially poised between abjection and salvation, “sacred and profane“.

For more information about schedules, locations of exhibitions and events, visit the website

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