Furnish Recycling

It may happen, by putting in order the basement or the attic, to find objects that can be reused with a different intended use. Creativity belongs to everyone, but happens to enter homes where is possible to recognize the owner’s hand in shaping spaces and furnishings.

It so happens that: collections of books become stools, coffee pots, pans pots become beds or libraries.

The sensitivity to the use of recycled materials can lead to more easily design objects made with poor materials. To conceive objects as the More Plus Desk designed by Giorgio Caporaso, a table made of cardboard, FSC-certified wood and glass you must have a project approach that starts from the idea and the judicious use of materials.

At LABA Interior Design professors, during the academic year, are sharing on their ecodesign lectures specific materials with the Less is More approach. During the last academic year of Design, this table (More Plus Desk), as other items made with the same design philosophy were shown to students in order to train the mind in looking for either effective and economic solutions.

The images describe better than thousand words interesting results that can be achieved by recycling more or less noble material.

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