Provencal Style House Interiors

At LABA, during studies in Interior Design projects are developed by students, with a specific cut to enhance a personal style. The mental approach (mindset) leads to acquisition of a method that can be repeated from time to time.

Provencal style was born in the South of France, in Provence, between the Sea and the Alps: it can be defined cool, chic spring. Ideal for a beach house or romantic contexts.

A rustic and classic, which can easily be reproduced even in our homes. Just a bit of imagination to transform an ordinary living room into a place. The shapes are Classic Provencal style and rustic at the same time: massive, but also simple and linear. You may find, however, more rounded and sinuous forms, but the style is able to keep itself modern.

The presence of floral decoration in pastel colors can be a constant for all the furniture in a room: bedroom wardrobe, chest of drawers, dresser and headboard can have a touch of romance that fully embodies the Spirit of Provence.

A peculiarity for a home requires external taxes provencal in coloured wood: is the pastel colors that more decisive tone such as orange or blue lit are perfect for the purpose, but it is important to maintain consistency throughout the house.

The tones are natural, desaturate. Typical colors of this style are white, ivory, lilac and white. The colors are always clear, though they can vary on the liveliest ones such as mimosa or prussian blue.

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