Digital Photography Manuals

LABA teachers during the course of photography studies offer students a wide range of digital instructional materials. Also instructors advise to follow specialized web sources that determine current trends and themes more effective expressive. We believe, in this regard, it is always advisable to supplement the printed resources to those of the web to have a solid foundation and a timeless approach in using the tools that technology offers.

The passion for photography can arise from reading a manual introducing the correct processes and techniques to achieve noteworthy results in the short term.

Manuals allows to produce creative pictures with cameras of medium quality, exploiting fully the functions and selecting the correct settings for each situation.

A basic knowledge will help you understand when it is useful to set automatic mode using more or less extensive programmability’s available on many models on the market.

Here are some useful links to purchase valid manuals:

The digital photography book:


Scott Kelby’s digital photography first volume

Scott Kelby’s digital photography fifth volume

The Photographer’s Eye: the important book by Michael Freeman, who is indispensable both for beginners and for those who already know a lot and find ideas for improvement. Covers all the main issues of photography.

Photographic composition: from simple snapshots to great shots, because you don’t need much to turn a photo into a masterpiece, you just need to know how to dial in the right way, bringing attention to objects, shadows, lines, and shapes.

Landscape: a book for photographers who want to understand how to get the best from landscapes, learning how to find the right location, the time of day that you take and how to make compositions.

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