Best Contemporary Artists

We can define contemporary any artist who has created works after 1950. But more precisely the time limit is not the only discriminating, the artists themselves are often not happy to be defined as such.

The works of art considered belonging to this trend usually correspond to contemporary aesthetic criteria determined including: transgression, provocation, the search for the new. You should then perceive a contrast with the artistic criteria of classical art and the latest in modern art.

Often artists disassociate themselves from any modern definition because their style should not be labelled with adjectives. The LABA course of History of Contemporary Art not only illustrate the artistic career of successful painters of the last century, but delves into themes dealing with the social and economic context that has led to the expression of art through their hand.

We do believe important to know both the story and the actuality to propose and develop themes that may arouse interest and open the way to new careers.

Here is a list of the most influential:

Keith Haring

Keith Haring grew up in a downgrade area in Soho and the East Village, in neighborhoods that allow him to see the alternative culture of New York underground during the 80’s. On those year’s were exploding the phenomenon of “Graffiti“, he was smart and ready to learn the techniques and lay the groundwork for his personal style. The scenarios of his works were the road and subway.

Its footprint is easily recognizable for repeating recurrent black contours and bright colors and brilliant. His designs are often an integral part of the urban fabric of cities in Europe and the United States.

Mark Rothko

Mark Rothko before being an artist was an intellectual, a man who loved music and literature, who was interested in philosophy, and in particular the works of Nietzsche. The color is laid on the canvas by Rothko evenly. A succession of monochromatic, geometric shapes of contrasting colors, edges undecided. Their combination give a sense of movement. The artist is able in this way to get into the spirit of the people. Mark Rothko was a mystic painter who connected with anime.

Roy Lichtenstein

Roy Lichtenstein is an emblematic Pop Art figure. Using images taken from cartoons and applying some of the techniques inspired by trends in commercial advertising. By realizing his works clearly draws inspiration from Lichtenstein’s advertising and commercial imagery. His paintings express the decay of social relations due to new means of communication which cool human relationships.

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