Collaboration between LABA & Coltelleria Saladini

The collaboration between LABA and Coltelleria Saladini comes alive. The historic tuscan company has his core-businness in: cutlery, cutlery and table and kitchen complements. The company entered the Design Department classrooms to expose the design brief to future young designers.

The designers of the second year of LABA will be able to design their concept on the basis of three themes:

– Rethinking the object from an aesthetic and functional point of view

– Revisit objects to make them more functional and aesthetically more appealing

– Intercepting the needs and needs of contemporary society through an analysis of the change in people’s lifestyles

The Saladini Cutlery culture expresses itself and manifests itself in the shapes of the forged knives, in the choice of precious materials, in the attention to details, but also in the continuous innovation and research. The teachings handed down, combined with a taste for design and sensitivity towards modern market needs, have led the Saladini Cutlery to enrich its production with a complete offer.

In fact, a wide range of table and kitchen cutlery, table accessories, cutlery, corkscrews and cigars have been added to the traditional knives series. A completely handmade production that has always set the quality of the materials and the originality of the products.

Uffizi's director Eike Schmidt at LABA
Collaboration with Fedrigoni. Constellation Calendar 2018