The new academic year inauguration day at LABA

The inauguration day of the academic year is easy to fall into the trap of self-celebration.
Here at LABA critical sense, however, belongs to everyone.
Learn how to use it, is very important. The students should have learned the method in colleges, but often they didn’t. We start unfortunately from a common situation of discomfort due to the lack of a critical learning method.

This scenario exclude the guys from knowing humanistic aspects of life and work. There is, increasingly, the risk of a higher training related to technical, operational and information technology.
So though you might not recognize the negative emotions, including those usefull to grow and pave the way to a personal evolution spontaneous also during the three years of post graduation.

LABA on the eve of the fifteenth year of operation continues to stand on their own legs and lives basically of students enrollment. It is able to offer a high level training service for the Third District and throughout Florence means value translated into social and economic relations. This value has been recognized by the President with a speech which reiterated its willingness to grant urban spaces devoted to the exhibition of student works.

Many interventions were made: Zooppa, Marcello Zeppi, the council member of Bagno a Ripoli Francesca Cellini, Quartiere 3’s president Alfredo Esposito, Marino Margheri di Palazzo Strozzi, Luca Palatresi di Fofu Fucecchio, Vetreria Nuova Cev di Empoli, prof. Armato di Studio Design Cina, Artex e Lo Schermo dell’Arte.

The intervention of Zooppa has involved the room in an exciting search for meaning. Back to what we’re used to watching without interpreting may be hidden meanings. In the companies logos is often so. It takes months of work to communicate the right value with colors and letters. Seeing is believing with AMAZON or FED EX. This is surely a viable road to creativity. From this year it will be possible to participate in contest organized by Zooppa specially for LABA students.

The Deputy Mayor of Bagno a Ripoli recalled the importance of curiosity, defining it as a necessary element for those who want to pursue this profession. Ask, seek, find out in any real or virtual site can increase the knowledge. Have the humility and patience to devote some time to those who know a little bit more because he experienced firsthand the problems and find solutions through creativity.

This year we have increased scholarships that will be awarded by reference to merit as a sole criterion and we have reinforced the Erasmus project.
LABA has also confirmed the partnership with companies with which they already collaborated and has acquired other, in an effort to bridge the gap between education and the world of work. Fortunately, more and more companies are opening up to an education capable of generating ideas and solutions because they perceive as a resource to innovate their products and services.

Marcello Zeppi introduced the Montecatini Film Festival as a resource to draw upon and which refer to test the skills with the shorts movie. At the same time the student of LABA Nico Scavo was awarded with a medal of Montecatini International Short Film Festival for “how love unfastened”.
Then Marcello told of a recognition of the President of the Republic Giorgio Napolitano, and how the activity of the Festival is followed in each phase with periodic quality checks by the institutions. The MISFF, now in its 65th Edition, is also confirmed in 2015 as a fertile ground on which growing the dreams of students of photography and graphic design.

Among the partnerships: Bagatella Spa, Fondazione Piaggio, Quartiere 3, Strozzina, Festival della fotografia di Fucecchio, Festival del Cinema di Montecatini, Zooppa.
Among the important seminars already held in the past years and confirmed there are companies such as: Ferragamo, Barilla, Alessi, fondazione Ansaldo and fondazione Dalmine.

Opening the active listening to the needs and dreams of the boys will serve again this year to further improve the services, to provide more and more the value of training as the element on which to found the society of tomorrow.

A wish of a serene and pleasant academic year at all.

Florence-8 November 2014

Official agreement between LABA and Bagatelle S.p.a
Photography Course In Florence