Photography Course In Florence

Are you looking for a photography course in Florence, Italy?

The Laba Institute is pleased to offer You a professional Academic Course in Photography in Italy.

The LABA Photography orientation will help students to approach several careers such as art director, photography director, fashion journalist and so on through the study of advertising, fashion, still life photography and many other fields.

Lessons will embrace the most important tecniques related to the use of the camera together with the knowledge of photography as a visual art.

Our photography school in Italy will touch different aspects of this craft such as portraits, urban landscapes, people and eventualy photo editing to refine your creations as better as possible.
Our students use high-tech equipments and labs designed to produce high quality photos and digital videos.

For more information about our department of design and applied arts go to the official page at:

The new academic year inauguration day at LABA
Visual Art Degree in Italy