The director of the Museum Venturino Venturi at LABA

The director of the Museum Venturino Venturi today at LABA.

Lucia Fiaschi, will speak today at the lesson of Art History professor Luca Macchi, outlining the contours of a man who knew how to weave friendship relations with other greats of his time: the painter Ottone Rosai to the poet Eugenio Montale, up to young writers Mario Luzi and Vasco Pratolini. The drawings and sculptures of Venturino, kept in the museum, are therefore, fully, his artistic career and describe in full the vitality of his contacts with italian culture.

“In my speech I will present the work of Venturino Venturi, touching some issues that were important in his artistic career. It will be a story that will allow young people to take a fresh look at ‘900, to re-read so many aspects of cultural life and of the society of that time. Personally I remember well the figure of Venturino, having spent most of my childhood and later adulthood in contact with him.  ” Lucia Fiaschi

Remo Salvadori at LABA
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