Collaboration with Margi has started


Was held in the Academy the first round of the seminar that will allow about 30 students enrolled in the third year of Design, to develop some prototypes, interpreting in a personal way the ideas suggested by Gianni Giunti, sales manager at Margi.

Gianni Giunti has in fact met the boys, telling the philosophy that guides the company, always looking for new ideas and cutting-edge ideas.

“Italy is the fourth country in the world to purchase and consumption of watches: a product that has a significant growth potential. The Italian market is our target market and for us the relationship with the customer remains central. I hope that from this collaboration, the first with Laba of Florence, can open up interesting scenarios. The creative young people can bring to the company innovative content and give legs to new projects, even with respect to the guiding themes of the contest “. – Gianni Giunti

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