Terry richardson lady gaga book

Terry Richardson: Lady Gaga Book
Terry Richardson photographed people like Barack Obama, Woody Allen, Jared Leto and Amy Winehouse. His advertising campaigns have often been censored in the world for the obvious sexual metaphors and a unacceptable vioence. The official site with some backstage of his works is an inspiration to young photographers that point to a healthy provocation with their jobs.

Rock soul artist, is a fashion photographer who can be described as transgressive. Born in New York in 65 and raised in Hollywood, as a boy he dreamed of making a rock star, but when his rock-punk band broke up, came to photography. Prefers photographing himself and the newspaper so uninhibited in a natural propensity for cheeky style often verging on pulp. In the 90 years he participated in exhibitions in international galleries and begins collaborations with larger magazines such as Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Rolling Stone, GQ, Playboy, for example.

One of his latest works is “The Lady Gaga’s photo book” is a storytelling with over 500 shots products around the world. Intimate shots and never banal, privileged glimpse on the life of the controversial italo-american singer who has been shown to Richardson’s camera without filters.

The book for sale worldwide through and on the official website of Lady Gaga at a cost of about $ 50. A fast-paced succession of color photos in addition to the much loved poses in black and white by the American artist.

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