Animation techniques: from pose to pose to physical simulation

Animation techniques: from Pose to pose to physical simulation.

An introductory overview on the management of simple and complex systems with basic and advanced techniques.
There are many animation techniques that we will explore during the courses of “3D Modeling and animation 1 and 2”.
But starting from the base, in order to provide the first tools you can certainly say that the secret of a good animation can be found in the proper management of key poses that should be recorded in keyframe1.
If we have already established bases on three-dimensional modeling, now to take the next step and then start to animate, we must begin to think in four dimensions. The first three dimensions are spatial ones, the fourth is time.

From this point of view, while moving in 3D animation and using more modern hardware resources, nothing has changed from the principles used in the early decades of the 1900 from Walt Disney Animation Studios in California.
In fact even today everything was developed in those years is a treasure trove of knowledge that is impossible to ignore if you want to move the first steps in animation.

arch. Francesco Arena

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