Emotional Models Shooting at LABA

An emotional shooting was held this past November 24 here at LABA. Here is a selection of the most significant collections by prof. Lorenzo Giotti and prof. Gaia Vettori.

The project was developed in an interdisciplinary approach between students of photography and fashion, allowing an expansion of perspectives and a recognition of the work of the individual in a heterogeneous group. An approach to teamwork involving more voices, done in a space like that of LABA that brings together several addresses combined with creativity and art.

This situation occurs creating an interaction relationship between the disciplines leading to a subsequent mutual enrichment. It allows to see things from a wider perspective, facilitates an empathy often needed both in photography than in fashion.

The photos were produced and provided by students: Caterina Bezzini, Giulia Salvadori, Irene Savelli, Marina Monaco, Gloria Mancini, Martina Brui, Camilla Messini, Vanessa Vespertini and Benedetta Aucone.

Erasmus Programme 2015
Fashion Event in Florence Pitti Uomo 87° Edition