Shooting at Rodo Hotel

First year Fashion Design students did a shooting in one of the most exclusive terraces in Florence. From Rodo Hotel point of view is possible to take picture of Duomo Bell Tower background.

Flaba48 Flaba44 Flaba25 Flaba22 Flaba16 Flaba2 Flaba73 Flaba72 Flaba69 Flaba68 Flaba65 Flaba62 Flaba61 Flaba60 Flaba56 Flaba54 Flaba52 Flaba51 Flaba40 Flaba39 Flaba37 Flaba34 Flaba31 Flaba30 Flaba29 Flaba26 Flaba21B Flaba19 Flaba18 Flaba11 Flaba10 Flaba6 Flaba8 Flaba1


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