Artemide reward three LABA students


Artemide, world leader in the lighting industry, has chosen the project of students: Eleonora Vanni, Sofía Cataldo, Eleonora Sacchi that have developed a team concept.

Pragma is a lighting system that combines two scenarios: light as sensory expression, and the relationship between man, light and space. The main objective of the project was to make it possible to create different atmospheres, so totally customizable wireless technology current pass.

It is designed as a hanging lamp consisting of speakers that emit three kinds of light: spot light, diffused, rgb. The diffusers are interchangeable and are linked to graft points on the panel with magnets that allow even the passage of current. The basis of Pragma is a sound-absorbing surface that eliminates the reverb of the spoken language while enhancing environmental quality.

The reasons are: the project more in line with the company’s philosophy, the project has succeeded in reinterpreting new requirements and has evolved, the project which made simple complexity by combining the scenarios offered by the company with an innovative idea.

It was also awarded the ability to reformulate the initial project on advice given during the work in the various revisions. The three students were rewarded for an internship.

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