Photo-Shooting cooperation between students of photography and fashion

We have just concluded the cooperation between students of photography and fashion with a photo-shooting done in studio with models who wore the clothes designed last year by fashion design students. The result was outstanding tanks to the intervention of a professional makeup artist.
The shooting has divided into two principal moments. The first in which the makeup artist working on the models and the guys listened to the advice of professor Giotti and prof.ssa Gaia Vettori, the second in wich they shoot in an atmosphere of intense concentration.

Also important the contribution of those who take care of the light intensity. Indeed, intense moments are those in which there is coordination between the art director, the technicians, the model and fashion students.
LABA focuses on the valorization of interdisciplinary opportunities.

The Art Academy LABA do not live internal separated reality, but as an environment in which cooperate, exchange ideas for a comparison between students of various addresses. This allows them to grow professionally and in the specific case, for students of fashion and photography, to produce quality material for a portfolio.
So it was. It will be interesting to see in a few days together the final result.

Florence – 4 December 2014

Calligraphy Workshop
Official agreement between LABA and Bagatelle S.p.a

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