Calligraphy Workshop

The LABA of Florence has proposed for the second consecutive year a calligraphy workshop in order to deepen the knowledge of lettering given during the first year of the Graphic Design and Multimedia course: a project born from the desire to explore the inner nature of letterforms and understand relationships, the harmonies and their evolution throughout history.

The workshop, conducted by Caterina Scardillo, therefore, takes place at the same time and in an absolutely integrated classes in lettering of Prof. Marco Paoli’s Graphic Design course. It follows step by step the develop of historical writings articulated into six lessons: the first two relate to the study and practice of tools, while the next four deal with the design of the Roman Rustic Capital, of Uncial, the Gothic and finally the Cancelleresca of Renaissance period.
The tools used are: flat brushes, pointed nibs truncates and flexible nibs.

The attendance of the workshop also allows students to approach and deepen the knowledge of an increasingly popular discipline: calligraphy, understood here as art, memory of a passage on the paper. An art that requires its time, its rhythms. A calm and a breath so different for us today, which is able to give us a new experience and a greater awareness of development.

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