LABA students exhibit at the Tethys Gallery: Caducity

The exhibition curated by the professors Lorenzo Giotti and Gaia Vettori was inaugurated today at 6 pm at the Tethys Gallery in Florence. Twelve images are visible that exploit analog and digital to create contaminations of techniques and languages.

From images of abandoned architecture to inventions of dreamlike and surreal landscapes, to more intimate and personal visions of transience, of decay and of becoming.

The exhibition project makes visible the works of four students of LABA of Florence, who completed their studies in Photography last year: Silvia Montevecchi, Ginevra Terenzi, Irene Trancossi and Ana Maria Ursu. The young artists exhibit images in black and white and in color, relying on analog and digital, in a contamination of techniques and languages.

The photographs on show are also contained in a catalog and were selected by an internal commission of the Laba among the works of eleven creatives.

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