How to decorate a living room classic

The Interior Design Degree Course is concentrated on the issue of designing objects, but also their placement in a dedicated space. Here’s an interesting study for those who prefer classical style design: how to decorate a living room with the right furniture and tastefully is not easy because the wood has a very decided impact.

If you can’t measure how much to use, you are likely to overdo it by removing environmental harmony. If you feel this type of furniture as the closest to your aesthetic needs  you are probably motivated by the desire to give a serious tone but at the same time relaxing. The colors of the material are usually warm and combining them makes it hospitable spaces.

When it comes time to choose, however you should not think of the subject as such, out of context by other items that will make the spaces. It then becomes important to take into account other aspects such as: the lights, the color of the plaster, the joints of the tiles.

Light is the basis for a pleasant, not only in quantity, but also in how warm or cool it is. If you have the good fortune to decorate from scratch a living room is worth thinking about the positioning of the lighting system. Directional led spotlights for example (warm light) are able to develop furniture-specific points. The size of the furniture must be proportionate to the spaces.

Do not forget to place beautiful plants and flowers that are able to give a touch of liveliness to the living room. The paintings are the finishing touch, the detail that balances the character of the furniture. It can be a winning choice even the combination with modern style. The detail can be evoked if you do a proper use of objects that are reminiscent of the 1930s as a valve radio, a Gramophone or a vintage typewriter.

Florence and the Flemish painting
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