Collaboration between LABA and ZOOPPA

The journey which will bring students of LABA to produce a video that will participate at Zooppa’s contest in collaboration with Alfa Romeo, is keeping on.

The first meeting of the seminar had, as its object, the production overview of viral videos. We have moved today, with Michele Ghedin (Zooppa Community Manager) to review the students storyboard.

The network and video sharing platforms have allowed spontaneous and uncontrollable spread of content. The term viral refers to contagious propagation mode. To do it right the message must be as close as possible to people.

What people identify as intangible value is a pleasant sensory experience. The company then will have a multi-channel distribution approach of video through: blogs, facebook, mobile, niche sites and youtube.

At the base of the sharing mechanism can be an element of visual or intellectual unity, an irony or storytelling especially effective. Alfa Romeo has it figured out and decided to engage with Zooppa and LABA.

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