Fondazione Ferragamo and Alessi Museum inaugurating: “The origins of Design”

Foundation Ferragamo and Alessi Museum inaugurated, this week, the fourth edition of the seminar “The Design Origins: a journey in the heritage of the great Italian companies”: a series of meetings dedicated to design, communication, photography and fashion, organized by LABA of Florence under the patronage of Museimpresa.

The project, which receives every year great appreciation, brings the testimonies of curators, directors and scientific managers working in companies in Italy investing in the preservation and enhancement of their cultural and industrial heritage, making tangible success stories and ideas.

The issues of this year focuses on the relationship between cultural institutions, design centers and institutions dedicated to communication and marketing in order to compare the views of those involved in the cultural and historical heritage and those who instead uses for purposes of: promotion, dissemination and design.

The opening work was the speech by Francesca Piani for Ferragamo Foundation, which has traced the fascinating history, including the most prestigious of the fashion industry, illustrating the growth of the brand since 1927 (year of birth, with shoes for Hollywood Production) to the present day. A climb to success made of passion, creativity and genius that showed, again, a natural propensity to “talk” with the art.

The second round of the seminar led instead to LABA the Alessi Museum, with Francesca Appiani who gave a speech entitled “Alessi IN-possible. Practising the impossible to open up innovative possibilities”: a journey back to the discovery of the origins of the brand.

After analyzing closely the Alessi design approach (objects should not only meet functional needs but must respond to the needs of poetic nature, aesthetic and emotional), the meeting focused on the concept of “transgression” of the rules.

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