Collaboration between LABA & Martinelli Luce: Successful projects

Giulia Di Tommaso (1st place), Ginevra Abbandonati (2nd place), Nora Ciaccariello (3rd place) and Simone Pannoni (4th place): are the winners chosen by Martinelli Luce.

At the end of the contest, experience and professionalism of the company specialized for over 50 years in the production of lamps and lighting systems, were led to the academy .

Emiliana Martinelli, owner of the mark, met the Design students, retracing the history of the company, and illustrating the industrial process that stands between the idea and the actual implementation of the lamp.

After that, the guys started designing, under the guidance of Professor Luigi Trenti (Industrial Design course).

Constant revisions and discussion moments allowed to get to the selection of 16 works, all collected in an illustrated catalog of 170 pages summarizing, with texts and images, the first collaboration between the LABA of Florence and Martinelli Luce.

“The testimony of Martinelli Luce is important for two reasons. The first is that in an Italian business landscape that often tends to be extinguished after the first generation, the company continues to perpetuate undisturbed its success – says Professor Trenti -. The second is, that unlike many other brands in the industry, Martinelli Luce has achieved this by producing only what he believed in, always working hand in hand with what in this time many have lost: the passion.”

It was the first opportunity for collaboration between LABA and Martinelli Luce: the partnership, given the encouraging results, is repeated in the academic year 2016/2017 with the same format.

“Observe and be curious it is fundamental in this work, and the technology is very important but it must be known in order to design: this is what I tried to convey to the kids during our meeting – said Emiliana Martinelli -.

The course has also produced a number of interesting projects I’ve got to judge and I hope that my small contribution has been a stimulus to the final result. It was a pleasant experience and I had a good feeling.”

Here, in detail, the description of the four projects classified:

1st place: Giulia Di Tommaso – Boomerang

Boomerang is a lamp born from the observation of a typical object of the Australian tradition, used as a throwing weapon by Australian aborigines for hunting and war: an object that reflects the dynamism of the boomerang and its unique shape.

The material used is mainly the chrome-plated steel to create a clear separation between wood, primitive material, traditionally used to make the boomerang and steel, technology and innovative material belonging to the era of today.

2nd Place: Ginevra Abbandonati – Sweep

Sweep is a wall lamp for each type of internal environment. Invokes one linear and simple style but with a great revolution from the functional point of view and interaction by the customer.

3rd: Nora Ciaccariello – Portrait

Portrait is a decorative wall lamp. It born from the desire to have at home an object with an attractive design that is not just to look, but it can also interact with the user. It equipped with a simple but peculiar form. Of considerable size, it is adapted to spacious environments. Its minimalist design is able to embellish any room perfectly integrates with the surrounding decor.

 4th: Simone Pannoni – Lunar

Lunar is a wall lamp that allows the user to direct the light through the aluminum body that runs the shade. You can open and close the light beam.

LABA is now provided with a 3D printer
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