Terracomunica: LABA students exhibition in Gubbio

gubbiob gubbio

In Gubbio at the exhibition spaces “Taverne dei Capitani” was held a group exhibition of LABA students.

Photography becomes the technical and creative means to communicate the sustainability of the land and territories within the Terracomunica Festival 2016 project. Raising awareness to the territory understood as a common good. Photographs are concerning history, tradition, folklore, passion of doing, innovation, competence and culture of the people.

The authors of the photographs: Alice Ginavri, Alberto Ammirati, Friederike Haase, Giacomo Lazzeri, Greta Bartolini, Luca Cacioli, Marco Lorenzini, Benedetta Orsini, Silvia Malatesta e Jacopo Nocentini.


Foto by Alberto Ammirati: “U Pescaù”




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