Seminar “For a quality digital communication”

Schermata 2015-05-08 alle 12.13.21 It will start at LABA on Monday 4 of May, a series of meetings held by Enrico Bisenzi. Bisenzi is an expert on accessibility, usability, searchability and organization of digital information.
The seminar, titled “For a quality digital communication”, will continue for a total of 4 seminars on digital interfaces design.
A changing world but has very solid bases: clarity, correct indexing content, usability, QA with heuristic analysis.

The meetings will grow through the following themes:


1. Cross-cultural brightest digital solutions to overcome the language barrier with more ease but also more subtle aspects and the most unthinkable shades to be taken into consideration when we make digital communication with international targets.
2. The SEO actually useful — around the world via Google search engine 4, certainly, but also Bing and Baidu and Yandex and their related Webmaster Tool in order to aspire to a truly global indexing and visibility on the scenario of digital communication often trivialised the usual known names.
3. Quality and accessibility of digital communication through “Includification Design” for video games in an accessible and usable means working out at the gym harder but also more informative that a designer of digital interfaces can ever imagine.
4. The thousand wonders of tracking and usability metrics of digital interfaces. Create digital interfaces is only the first step in a productive and creative process that in order to be considered really professional must involve all those quality control tools that can make a difference and pioneered so-called analytics tools.

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