Mercantia – LABA coordinating 100 exhibition every night

Like every year Mercantia soul summer evenings of Tuscany in the beautiful location of Certaldo. The small town fills up, from 15 to 19 of July of colour, light and creative energy that takes 100 shows for each evening.

The theme of 2015, denoting the 28th Edition, entitled “The ten directions” and highlights the search through the genres of show business and the physical places, with shows taking place on the towers, in gardens, on the street or in underground places.

Mercantia 2015 was coordinate by Massimo Agus (prof. at LABA) and LABA students: Irene Savelli, Joseph Summa, Erminia, Anita Scianò, Claudia Sairam.

There is no theatre in Mercantia, there is life, the theater is just an explosion of vital energy that flows in arteries and in the streets.

Japan Agreement: LABA and Kougei Tokyo Polythecnic
Industrial Design Awards 2015