Color Correction expert Marco Olivotto at LABA

_MG_5690Saturday 18 and Sunday April 19 2015, Laba in Florence has had the pleasure to host Marco Olivotto, one of the greatest italian experts of Color Correction, after the improvement technique of color, brightness and contrast of our digital images, using a sophisticated professional approach.

An advanced level workshops, which lasted two days and characterized by intense moments and full of stimuli that have passionate students of photography of LABA: a concentration of highly specialised knowledge, aiming at preparing professional photographers increasingly capable and up to date.

Who is Marco Olivotto? He was a student of Dan Margulis-American pioneer of Color Correction – is a real point of reference both nationally and internationally on the topic of color correction, but not only. It is no coincidence that the same Margulis has termed as a “Renaissance man“, to underscore the multi-faceted versatility of this great professional with a degree in physics and was very active on several fronts.
Cooperates with numerous experts in the field of digital photography: among all, you mention the Color Correction experience Campus, community of fans of color correction, born thanks to the collaboration with the competent young Francesco Marzoli, the renowned retoucher and deep knowledge of Adobe Photoshop.
With availability and great professionalism, he therefore shared with us the “secrets” of color correction, topic of fundamental importance for photographers.

The student response was downright excited: with interest and curiosity not only listened to the words of Prof. Olivotto, but they put immediately into practice what has been learnt.

In short, a very interesting initiative and highly specialised, perfectly in line with the vocation of LABA, always interested in the preparation of young authors/artists/professionals, but without ever forgetting the fundamental technical-theoretical foundations, pillars of a well-rounded education, main objective of this Institute.

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