LABA participates at Florence Design Week 2015


Today begins the Florence Design Week 2015 and LABA participates with the exhibition Small urban spaces In-visible.

The theme of the 6th Edition of Florence Design Week is Creative Cities. The idea is to promote cultural exchange between the design-oriented major cities around the world.

Spain, Netherlands, Austria, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, America, China, Iceland joined the creativity of their tourist destinations. Florence became the capital of the italian life-style, where the design is expression and link places identity as well as a vehicle for culture and tourism. The ambition is to propose a model for export, but that is both fluid and evolving, able to draw positive input from other cities.

Students of the course in Design of 1° and 2° year under the coordination of prof. Francesco Armato and prof. Angelo Minisci had the opportunity to set up the spaces of the Biblioteca Nazionale Centrale.

The exhibition will be displayed until 31 May. All students are invited to visit it.

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