Interior Design Trends

Contemporary style devoted to minimalism, technologically advanced materials and green structures. Trends for the Interior Design sector 2021 focus on the harmonious coexistence of different elements with an attractive and rigorously personalized aesthetic result. The environments in which we live are the mirror of individual needs, attitudes and nuances: it is therefore essential to create tailor-made spaces.

The common basis for all 2021 trends is therefore minimalism, to which are added details and elements capable of making the environment unique. There are many possibilities to replicate in your home or in the workplace, in this year that has just opened. Let’s find out some of them.

Let’s start from floors and walls. Alongside the timeless whites and blacks and neutral colors we find dark colors (first of all, gray), capable of creating truly distinctive contrasts. Among the most popular shades, the colors of blue and green stand out, to be used sparingly. Full speed ahead also with direct prints on wall coverings that can revolutionize the DNA of a project.

Another direction that the sector is taking, with great awareness, is that of sustainability. Respect for the environment also applies to the furniture that cannot overlook this type of care. “Respect” and “recovery” are two watchwords that translate into eco-friendly prototypes starting from the production process.

Wood – a natural and insulating material – dominates unchallenged, as does aluminum, which is widely used especially in household items: it is recyclable, it does not oxidize or corrode. Bamboo, another natural element, also guarantees high performance in terms of resistance, lightness and economy. Finally, eco-sustainable fabrics.

Last chapter, the multipurpose rooms or the so-called “wildcard” spaces. The pandemic has made it increasingly evident the need to have environments that quickly adapt to DAD or smart working or areas of the house where a gym can be created for personal use: it is therefore necessary to rethink spaces in a chameleonic key. Thanks to multipurpose furniture and free-plan design schemes, everything can be moved and transformed. Just take advantage of every square meter.

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