Interior Design Trend 2015

An Interior Designer should always be up to date on current trends in furniture of modern houses. While the old style always travels more or less on the same aesthetic standards that should adapt to the modern needs of the moment. These are some of the main trends to 2015 to see what offer the customer requiring advice on decorating a house in the near future.

One of the challenges is to achieve amazing results with the usual materials thanks to a good dose of creativity in mixing shape and color composition. This quest for modernity and minimalism that dominated the last years, thanks to the return of precious materials like marble and classic to combine with a high-quality fabric such as silk, plaster and crystals.

The wallpaper then is returning protagonist. Surely this is a classic Interior Design that in 2015 will be reborn with new themes, colors and images, but also to the choice of unusual textures and new materials. New techniques of digital prints allow you to use the wallpaper effect on different media such as the non-woven fabric. These new products allow you to use the typical patterns of the wallpaper in the bathroom and in the kitchen.

Another trend is indisputable. New techniques in laser engraving to obtain forms capable of attracting attention and enhance vertical spaces. We probably widespread, furniture and objects designed by end users. The concept of limited edition always goes to those who love owning objects that are considered beautiful just because.

The gold of various materials will eventually trend especially for furniture items such as faucets, handles and ceramic profiles. The bathroom is the candidate room to accommodate most likely this material.

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