Giosuè Petrone from Laba to Silicon Valley

qwHello everyone my name is Giosuè Petrone. I am 32 years and I am a graduate of Laba in 2012. I work as producer/independent film projects coordinator. I always wanted to tell stories that inspire and give hope to people, the choice of an Academy as the Laba proved much more fruitful than a film school because I learnt how to communicate before I can produce for cinema.

Over the past 2 years I have worked in several productions as Director and editor in Atlanta, I coordinated the Italian production and the premiere of the documentary “Return to Mogadishu”. At the moment I’m working with Zach Baliva (production assistant at Warner Brothers for the ER doctors on the front lines) with which we’ll keep a film workshop at the end of June, and I have in mind to produce a documentary in Rwuanda that tells the story of a guy who has decided to forgive the people who killed his family.

I remember my experience at the Laba as that of a child who is faced with an empty bench on which they are made available to a large number of tools that I have tried to exploit. I learned that communication is done with order and that creativity channeled in experience and in the precincts of knowing what to communicate always brings so much fruit. I learned that the tutorial on youtube will teach you never to communicate but just to use the software.

Thanks to the training I can now easily identify gaps in communication and production projects.

And finally I cannot remember so many relationships born with professors, colleagues, the nights spent in white to finish projects on time and continuous stimuli stemming from lessons and by comparison with others.

Barbara Herlitzka Martini & Rossi Manager at LABA
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