From sketch to a car project of a LABA student

The Design of the Car always starts from the same shape in 2D which design constraints unavoidable. When the two-dimensional takes shape in a 3D model but the creativity of designers can find the right energy channel. The end result in this case is the culmination of a process which ranges from shape research functional compromise.

Within the course of 3D Modeling the LABA students not only commands are taught, but also the various design approaches to achieve high quality results. The aim of the course is to use 3d Modeling and Rendering, develop projects complete and graphically have a total mastery of these tools, but beyond that the intention of professor Poggi is to give students ideas to life.

In this case, the student’s work succeeded in Eduardo Macchione Designing the Exhibition space of a car means creating harmony. As you can see the shapes of the gallery and are very opposed, the first is characterised by angular and accentuated forms defined by triangles while the second is designed with organic and sinuous forms almost to follow the progress of a natural drawing hand. Create this discrepancy, work on planning contrasts lighting enhances the individual objects.

To Design a car part from the automotive category type (supercar, sedan, coupe, station wagon, etc.), brand (to delineate the stylistic guidelines) and finally setting up a grid to start the sketch freehand. Already exists the famous Audi R8 Supercar is defined by all a dream car, but Eduardo’s intention was to create a completely different shape than existing models, then exaggerate enhancing even more supercar concept trying to give rise to a stupor.

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