Francesca Galli from LABA to In-Forma Art Director

2a prova loc.

The Association “Il Miglio” organizes in Cascine di Buti a “Musical Competition” with an event that enhances the music. The LABA student, Francesca Galli will deal with the preparation of the musical as well as the artistic director of a special installation for the evening of 28 November 2015.

Installing In-form consists of six wooden carvings designed by Francesca and built with the help of a very efficient and sympathetic group of guys. The performance will be exhibited permanently inside the theatre for a year.

The inauguration of the exhibition will be on the evening of November 28 simultaneously with the final contest. The evening will be enlivened by an induced path made for interactive creativity which associates each sculpture a text which opens to a free, stimulating and ambiguous interpretation.

In-form is art, pure passion, the work of the teams that invest a year in the making of music. The initiative also comes with the important role of “In-form” and give value to voluntary working groups.

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