Collage Corpus

From 15 to 26 of February 2016 students at first year of Artistic Anatomy will exhibit their works.

The exhibition titled Body Worlds, will be coordinated by the Visual Arts teacher of LABA Tannaz Lahiji in Stanto Stefano church (Piazza Santo Stefano al Ponte n° 5).

Students that will take part at the exhibition are: Francesca Bernardi, Stefania Balocco, Francesconi Jacopo, Marlies Baumgartner, Gianmarco Tielli, Eleonora Pellegrini, Eleonora Buti, Francesca Bartoletti, Sara Morelli, Marilena Savino, Maria Alejandra Chaves Garcìa, Elifcan Kaner, Giulia Davini, Veronica Greco, Benedetta Moracchioli, Angela Nunzella, Maden Valeri Sesilya.

“The idea of stopping sensation even if fast and evanescent, but felt with an emotional impulse, gave to this young artists the desire to join in a unique image choosing to match moments and different section of bodies. A body in essence is a metaphor of his past. And than these artists follow a corpus, they past it giving a defined shape, changing life and virtue.”

LABA student Linda Leocata photo was chosen for Mercantia 2016
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