Clashes and encounters between contemporary art and industry

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The project’s curator Marco Montemaggi inaugurated the cycle of seminars on “Clashes and encounters between contemporary art and industry” with the theme “Business Foundations and Contemporary Art production.”

The Prada Foundation, the Fondazione Zegna or Trussardi are just a few examples of how many fashion brands invest in contemporary art through their foundations. In the first meeting have in-depth the reasons and expressions of this report through the contribution of numerous case studies.  This theme is in Italy one of its highest expressions. The seminar’s host dott.ssa Elisa Fulco, art historian, curator and scientific advisor for “Art and Business – Giornale dell’arte”.

The cycle continues with four other meetings that deal with the following themes:

– Art produced by industrial brands

Often have productions that assume a particular dedication to detail or with a very high artistic component, sometimes produce limited series which become objects of art for collectors. This will be the theme of this seminar, also thanks to the contribution of a company that always maintains a fruitful and stimulating relationship with contemporary art.
Guest Confirmed: Marcello Smarelli, artistic director of the Ermanno Casoli Foundation

– Contemporary art as inspiration for the language of the enterprise

From the advertising, promotion, packaging, graphics, and more generally that defines the Corporate Identity of the company and of its products has been influenced by the contemporary art world. The lesson will show you how and with what means, over time, developed this relationship which still has important examples.
Guest: Marco Tagliafierro was Confirmed, a member of the curatorial ViaFarini DOCVA Foundation Board and Contributing Writer/Reviewer

– Art Forum As Mainstream business promotion has contaminated the Art

In this case will be treated as, in which shapes and ages, the language of the enterprise influenced over the past centuries, the American and European artistic language. The contribution of an Italian contemporary artist will be useful not only to delineate the historicization of this phenomenon but also its contemporary significance.
Guest Confirmed: Flavio Favelli, Artist.

– Corporate museums negotiators Containers with Art

Museums increasingly are using business, in their permanent and temporary exhibition locations, the contemporary art as a tool to tell creatively, and the location of a brand. In this seminar you will try to illustrate this relatively new dynamic for this type of Museum facilities.


At Laba will attend Peter Hefti
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