China internship for four LABA students

For the third consecutive year, prof. Francesco Armato presented to LABA’s students the opportunity to training and working at the Suzohu’s AOTO studio. The city from which it took inspiration Marco Polo to drew Venice, which has a history older than many Italian cities.

A city, Suzohu, which has about 14 million inhabitants and which is able to offer unique opportunities in the field.

The studio that opened in China three years ago, is placed in the heart of the economic fabric related to the Design and architecture. The study that belongs to professor Armato consists of 8 young students who are in turn coordinated by responsible Nana (student for five years at the LABA). The second group that has just completed the experience pleasantly discovered most aspects of Chinese culture including the food.

The study, which plans a Made in China of high quality, is located in the University Area that alone makes 300,000 inhabitants. It is a full-fledged Campus with international universities of the most important Nations. The studio is located in one of the palaces of Industrial Design Park, a place inhabited by young people who study, think and design furnishing objects, industrial products and car parts. The city is organized in detail: lakes, pedestrian paths, public spaces that make it an enjoyable leisure experience.

China is the richest and most consumerist nation in the world and is living a rapidly changing social fabric, the population has seen in the last 4 years the middle class growth of 40%. Shanghai is the most attractive city in the world for the art today. Many studies have moved from Europe to China because today the value that gives the triangle Design in Shanghai-Suzohu-Ningbo is among the highest in the world.

Students who are candidates to join the study proposed a book and soon will be chosen from prof. Armato to form the new team for 2015.

In photos: students of the LABA which are part of the second group which is already operational in the study.

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