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The above model is one of the best performing electric bikes currently on the market. The Faraday model 28 inch radius at a cost of $ 3500, quite expensive, but the quality of the bike is indisputable. Great battery solution on back sit and usability of the luggage rack, easily removable.

The most important innovation on bikes instead, make the automakers with the dual aims both to give a signal on a new way of understanding the transport is to match the drive to a shift on short-distance place. Almost all solutions involve the use of an electric motor.

By knowing the technology of production of mechanical parts for the automotive industry often engineers and designers can easily find solutions that impress.

Future challenges are:

1 – The search for a functional folding shape.

2 – The electric pedal assisted.

3 – Safety.

4 – Use of high performance materials that need to be lightweight and durable.

5 – Connectivity to the network and the digital world.

1 – Audi e-bike Worthersee

Audi‘s proposal is actually still a prototype although could be put into production soon. We can call it a synthesis of innovative materials and avant-garde production techniques. The spokes of the wheels are very light and blade. The material is a polymer with CFRP carbon fiber that makes the chassis very light.

2 – Smart/Mercedes

This bike was built to be put into mass production. The Mercedes brand aimed at carbon transmission and disc brakes front and rear. The bike is equipped with a USB interface to connect any smartphone.

3 – Volkswagen Bik.e

Volkswagen bike was designed to fold down the rear wheel in the direction of the curvature inside of the frame. The result in terms of overall is great. The drawback is that it cannot be approved as electric bike because it has no pedals. The battery solution that is integrated into the spare wheel. The Bik. and can be stored in the compartment containing the spare wheel.

4 – Bmw i-Pedelec

Interesting concept of Bmw. The bike is equipped with hydraulic disc brakes and the engine has three gears. The real novelty lies in charging the batteries, is in fact the same car that recharges the batteries while traveling. The bike becomes an extension of car. It is now possible to park at the edge of ZTL and to reach the city centre easily. The footprint is unfortunately the weak point of this bike and the compromise for an elegant solution.

Here are four examples of bike spaces produced by automakers:

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