Academic Credits

Receiving Credit

All students will receive a Transcript upon completion of their academic program; the documents contain ECTS (European Credit Transfer & Accumulation System) and U.S. Units (credit) for their courses abroad. Coursework and credit hours are parallel to the US undergraduate college system for the transfer of credits. Each student is responsible for transfer policy process at home university.

Upon completion of the term students will receive their grades and transcripts via email. Once the term ends it may take up to 7 weeks for transcripts to be mailed to the home institution.

For students attending from non-affiliated institutions, academic credits can be issued on a domestic transcript. It is the student’s responsibility to check with their academic advisor at their home institution to see which transcript is needed for successful credit transfer.

School of Record Transcript

Credit Transfer

The following information applies only to students whose home institution requires a “School of Record Transcript” from an accredited, degree-granting institution in the United States or other countries in order to transfer credits toward their degree.

Students applying for a School of Record Transcript must contact LABA to get the forms necessary for a “School of Record Transcript”. An additional fee is required for the“School of Record Transcript” realeased by Eas S.r.l.

The student must be enrolled full time at the Florence School of Fine Arts. The student is responsible for checking with his/her home institution concerning credit eligibility for transfer of credit, and for knowing which transcript is needed for successful credit transfer.

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