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Meeting with Fondazione Benetton: Francesca Ghersetti

Next friday 1 of April 2016 at LABA a special date to be part of: the historic heritage of “big” italian companies.  The speech of Francesca Ghermenti of Fondazione Benetton will be the fourth of “Le Origini del Design” dedicated to the top of Italian Design titled: “Enterprise and cultural Heritage“.  

Movie Editing: Alternating & Parallel

The storytelling in a movie can be done with different kind of stylistic languages. From a technical point of view it is interesting to investigate the appearance of scenes editing. Specifically we are writing here about two editing typologies that are used to give strength to the story, that are alternating and parallel. Alternating editing is the temporal arrangement of alternating shots. The […]

D’A dedicated 100° number at LABA of Florence

The influential italian art magazine D’A dedicated the 100° number at LABA exactly in the 15° year of activity. “It is our pleasure dedicating this 100° number to an italian excellence: the LABA of Florence. The academy just fulfilled the 15° year of activity always standing out for seriousness, innovation and the collaborations established in the territory. […]

Renato Ranaldi – An important artist at LABA

The famous florentine artist Renato Ranaldi was at LABA. He attended a lesson about the research and the expression of art. Multiple input were given for Visual Art department students of LABA. The lesson coordinated by prof. Fabio Cresci varied through his biography and his valuable experiences. Fuoriquadro is one of his most meaningful work. […]

Next Open Day at LABA: 27 of February 2016

On Saturday 27 of February at 10.30 LABA organizes the Open Day. That day the university curriculum counsellor and the director will be pleased to describe different departments at LABA, you can easily relate with course coordinators, visiting laboratories and evaluate closely our computers and technological tools. Here you have dates for next Open Days: 19.03.2016 – 09.04.2016 – 30.04.2016 – 21.05.2016

Collage Corpus

From 15 to 26 of February 2016 students at first year of Artistic Anatomy will exhibit their works. The exhibition titled Body Worlds, will be coordinated by the Visual Arts teacher of LABA Tannaz Lahiji in Stanto Stefano church (Piazza Santo Stefano al Ponte n° 5). Students that will take part at the exhibition are: Francesca Bernardi, Stefania Balocco, […]

Meeting with Marco Montemaggi

On next Friday 5 of February during the Marketing Lesson, it will be the third encounter for seminary: “The origins of Design”. The host will be Marco Montemaggi, expert and teacher of Marketing Heritage with an interview titled “Brand Design: elements for construction of Brand Identity”. The seminary is open to students and teachers interested. Marco […]

Lights projects: LABA cooperates with Artemide

LABA, considering the recent agreement with Artemide, welcomes the design brief that will produce proposal that our students will introduce to the company. The brief is almost a white paper, with the background concept of giving value to sensorial experience. Great new light design objects are going in the direction of cleaners and pure, minimal shape. But […]

Meeting with Salvatore Ferragamo: Design, Ideas, Models, Invention

On Tuesday 26 of January, at 2 p.m. it was held the second seminar, that had as guest the Fondazione Ferragamo (Francesca Piani), with an interview named “Salvatore Ferragamo and the Design: Ideas, Models and Invention”. The specific seminar was advised for Fashion Design students but it was open for all the LABA student’s.