Interior Design Summer Course

The interior design course coach the students to the Italian sensibility to beauty. We will focus on the Italian Store Design and Florence home-based brands like GucciSalvatore FerragamoRoberto Cavalli and Emilio Pucci.

The Levels

The interior design course is an overview in the Italian Store Design developed within three levels of depth:

Basic (no requirements)

Medium (skills need to be demonstrated)

Pro (skills need to be demonstrated)

Depending by the level, students will learn the historical aspects of the Italian furniture and Fashion brands, manual drawing, lights and colors, materials study, 2D/3D modelling, touching in each module a different Interior Design theme.

Here you have the main subjects divided by module:

History of Retail and Fashion Stores
History of the Italian furniture
Manual drawing
Store Interior design I
Computer 2D modelling
Scale & proportions
The Italian Fashion Brands
Store Interior design II
Computer 3D Modelling
Basic of Rendering techniques
Lightning Design
Store interior Design III
Portfolio communication
Store Design concept IStore Design concept IIStore Design concept III and portfolio

The official SYLLABUS will be issued once you confirm your enrollment. A SYLLABUS is a detailed document revealing your daily activity.


Students will merge together the Italian retail and the fashion design to propose nice Interior Design solutions at the end of each month.

Together with the theoretical aspects they will visit the brand stores in Florence to understand the philosophy and the creative aspects to develop a personal Interior Design sensibility.

Live and work in a harmonious location make the real difference for a high level senses experience. We all know how important is to create customization in a room or a specific space. It will be possible for our students to realize their ideas including if they want to focus on a personal project.

Essential themes we will work on are lightcolorsfurniture design and natural shapes.

Students will be able to propose store design solutions applied to specific Italian fashion brands combining materials with colors and forms to create spaces able to follow brand’s philosophy.

They will be inspired through our external visits to the Gucci’s MuseumSalavatore Ferragamo’s MuseumFlorence Fashion Stores tour and more.

The course is held in english language and it’s open to all that have got an interest in the Interior Design, Fashion and the Italian culture.


Accommodation Assistance

We can facilitate you in finding the best accommodation depending on your needs. We have a list of accomodation in a private page that we will send you after your apply. Here you have a sample of accommodation that we can provide.

Bike in supply

We wil provide you a bike for you transfers from and to the Florence Design School. All of our bikes are designed specifically for city riding comfortable and classyeasyfun and comfortable to use and ride. They feature a wide range of heights. To adjust the seat height, follow the seat post down to where it fits into the bike frame and flip to open the quick release lever.

You can easily take a ride on the “viali bicycle path” and make a trip to sights in the surroundings of Florence, like Fiesolevillage or chiantigiana road.

It works with a preauthorization hold of $50 per bike that is placed on your credit card account. This is a not a settled charge against your account. It serves as a security deposit and will be released when the hold expires. You can also deposit the same amount by cash.

Other Facilities

Pre Departure Services

Course enrollment through housing assignment with our office and web site providing friendly, professional assistance.

Pre-departure PDF about Florence Design School containing useful information about student life.

Support and assistance through E-mail and Telephone.

Optional Health insurance: HTH student health insurance, including full medical coverage and medical emergency evacuation. Go to insurance web site. 

On-Site Services

Welcome reception with director and staff.

Welcome bag upon arrival containing items to kick-start your experience abroad.

Orientation: a comprehensive introduction to your city and program.

24 hour emergency support telephone.

Excursion assistance (one for each module).

Weekly cultural activities; a rich calendar of events and excursions.

Re-Entry Service

Alumni network.

Follow Up with project started.

Italian Language Lessons Included for Free

A basic Italian language course is included with all the studies. A nice and funny way to bring back home a little piece of Italy.

An hour lesson will be taken every day after course’s end for all the students. All together, in order to mix your different interests.We will start learning basic words, sentences, questions. That ones you could use in your stay in Florence, but we will upgrade talking about current events in DesignFashionPhotography and following the most important social accounts that can tell us what to do or can help us finding out events in Florence and Tuscany.

We will comment with critical method news and contemporary italian designers combining curiosity and your personal willing. In a relaxing mood trying to let go the stress of the day.

It is UP to you to take this course, if you will do it you will receive a specific certificate.



The Three Levels

Module Basic

Students completing this course will:

Have developed technical proficiency in drawing spaces and furnitures sketches. From a box to a real space.
Develop a greater facility understanding the language of interior design.
Further develop each student’s unique personal style.
Creating a living space with specific owner’s needs.
Gain knowledge to a wide variety of web sites and italian interior design communities in Florence.

Module Medium

Students completing this course will:

Have developed good technical proficiency in drawing spaces and furnitures sketches.
Gain knowledge about trend’s evolution in italian store design.
Have developed technical proficiency in the creative process.
Develop a greater facility in drawing with sketchup software.
Further develop a personal project starting from a character.
Improve their capability to creatively interpret wishes and offering the right solutions.

Module Pro

Students completing this course will:

Have developed excellent technical proficiency in drawing spaces and furnitures sketches.
Develop proficiency in editing a brand strategy and a communication plan.
Recognize the needs for a custumer in therms of experience.
Gain the technical issues of colors and light.
Create a personal project tracking a storyboard.
Develop a greater understanding about how to show and communicate your project in public.

The Rates

    Basic Italian language course included. NO enrollment fee. A visit included.
    1400 €
    Basic Italian language course included. NO enrollment fee. Two visits included.
    2600 €
    2800 €
    Basic Italian language course included. NO enrollment fee. Three visits included.
    3800 €
    4200 €

The Dates

  • Dates Summer 2017
  • FROM 26 OF JUNE to 10 of JULY
  • FROM 12 OF JULY to 27 of JULY
  • FROM 1 of AUGUST to 14 of AUGUST
  • FROM 24 of AUGUST to 11 of SEPTEMBER
  • Module Basic
  • Module Medium
  • Module Pro

Final Certification

All the students will receive a certificate of attendance.

During the last day of courses the school will organize an internal show with all student artworks. At the end of each course students will be issued with an attendance certificate in a ceremony.

Enrollment Steps

  • Complete the application form and forward it to us via email.
  • Be sure to receive an email by us within 5 days confirming the enrollment form was received.
  • Together with confirmation we’ll send our bank details.
  • Proceed with the full amount payment.
  • Send us copy of the payment demonstration.
  • Congrats! Now you’re a Summer Course LABA student.

Minimum qualification required: Highschool Diploma.

Courses will start prior a minimum number of 5 participants. In case that minimum number won’t be reached the course will not start and the full amount (100% of payment) will be given back.

Method of Payment

  1. Payment by bank transfer (any bank commission is on student charge).
  2. Payment by credit card.

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